Dan "Xanimos" Weeks

Here is my personal website, it‘s not meant to impress. It‘s merely a place for ideas to hit the web and something to look at when a link appears to this home page. It used to just be a blank page, but I knew I needed something up here. So I whipped this up in a week just for shlitz and gigglez.

My Services

My Commitment

I‘m a man of my word

I have one main concept about doing any sort of work. If I know I can NOT complete the job to MY high standards, I will tell you that I will not do you work. If I know of another company/individual more capable I‘ll forward you along. If your idea/project is too shallow, small, or maniacle, I will forward you to a freelance website where you can get a cheaper rate and save myself the time. If I find your idea intriguing, you‘ll end up with a huge discount because I‘ll enjoy doing the work.